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VTC Academy Talent Scholarship 2020 is now closed. We encourage you to follow us and stay updated about opportunities that may open up in 2021!

Amount awarded

Amount of award: 1,000,000,000 VND (1 billion VND)


With the mission of educating highly-qualified human resources for the Information Technology and Design industries, VTC Academy always looks for, attracts, and nurtures young talents and accompanies them on the journey to their dream career. That’s why VTC Academy comes up with VTC Academy Talent Scholarship 2020 with various prizes with a total amount awarded of up to 1 billion VND for annual admissions.

Apply for scholarships?
  1. Submit a scholarship application
  2. Take a preliminary test
  3. Participate in Scholarship Hunting Day
  4. Take the final-round test
  5. Pass final interview
Who can apply?

High School students

Students from Vocational Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Individuals who want to pursue career in Information Technology and Design


Financial aid

Loans are offered to students in need of financial aid.

Loan details

To provide students with the opportunity to participate in our high-quality academic programs, VTC Academy has cooperated with Banks to help students with loans for their studies.

Loan support limit

Up to 70% tuition fee of long-term programs or short-term courses

Loan support period

25 – 60 months

Required documents

1. ID card/Citizen card: 01 notarized copy

2. Household book: 01 notarized copy

3. Additional documents including student’s birth certificate & custodian’s ID card/Citizen card (if the loan is applied by their guardians)

4. Loan application certificate: 02 forms provided by the Bank.

5. 01 notice of completion of admission procedures (issued by VTC Academy) and payment of 30% of tuition fee

6. Other documents (required by the Bank if needed)

(Notice: Students who are under 23 years old must have their guardian’s signature on loan contracts)

Loan process

Step 1: Student applies for admission and submits the loan documents

Step 2: Student remits 30% of tuition fee in advance

Step 3: VTC Academy hands over the documents to the Bank

Step 4: Bank issues the notice of loan approval

Step 5: Student enrolls the program

Step 6: Student makes monthly payments (including principal and interest)

* Loan process is the agreement between the student and the Bank. The bank has the right to accept/reject the loan application.

Contact us
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    Academic programs
    Data Scientist

    AI Specialist
    Data Scientist

    5 (6397)
    Learning method: On campus
    Duration: 12 Weeks
    Major: Artificial Intelligence
    4.9 (3890)
    Learning method: On campus/Online
    Duration: 8 weeks
    Major: Digital Marketing
    4.9 (5823)
    Learning method: On-campus/Online
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Major: Digital Marketing
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