3D Animation


Along with the development of information technology, entertainment needs have also changed dramatically. From films that only use traditional techniques, now there are more 3D movies and
especially animated films are also gradually converted into 3D as an inevitable trend. Therefore, following the trend of hot career in the future, 3D Animation industry is considered a new industry
that brings many job opportunities and challenges for digital artists in Vietnam.

Specialized training 3D Animation is designed based on the model of Competency-based Education that aims to train 3D artists to be able to participate not only in simple 3D design work but also create digital products and 3D animation with new technology.

According to VietnamWorks, in the past 3 years, 3D Animation is a new attractive creative art industry in Vietnam. 3D Animation is widely applied in Film, Game, Advertising or Medical Science … Recruiting demand for this job is huge.

3D Animation training course helps create different and unique things for 3D products through the creation of movements for characters and environments in games, movies and advertisements.

Jobs related to 3D Animation:

  • Creative, Design Director
  • Animation Director
  • Head of the animation team
  • 3D Animation artist for Games
  • 3D Animation artist for Films
  • Attaching bones artist
  • Layout building artist
  • Crowd Animation Artists

According to statistics and evaluation of MyWork Job Portal: “Your average salary working in 3D Animation field is at the high level of the Recruitment market, is about 20 – 15 million.”

Grasping the trend of this industry and jobs, VTC Academy develops specialized training in 3D Animation according to the Competency-based Education to meet the very high demand of recruiting of jobs related to this industry.

Training program content

No Subjects
1 English for Computer Graphic Art
2 Personal and Career Development
3 Learning How to Learn
4 Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication
5 Computer Fundamentals
6 Art theory (Perspective, Color, Proportions & Anatomy of Human)
7 Drawing
8 Basic Concept Art with Photoshop
9 Sketchbook
10 Storyboard
11 Project 1 (Individual)
No Subjects
12 3D Modeling Fundamental
13 Character Rigging
14 3D Animation Fundamental
15 Basic Lighting and Rendering
16 Project 2 (Individual)
No Sujects
16 Advanced Body Mechanics
17 Creature Animation/Intermediate
18 Combo Animation
19 Facial Expression & Lip Sync
20 Acting Shot
21 Rendering with Game Engine
21 Compositing Basic
22 Project 3 (Individual)
No Subjects
23 Capstone Project (Team)

What do you get after graduation?

  • Fully equipped with knowledge to become a 3D animation artist
  • Can work immediately with jobs with salary from 8-12 million
  • Get involved in actual projects and have a 3D animation Showreel
  • Get advice, support on graphic design, communication and start-up

After graduation you can create projects like this:

Skills from concept to animation, and livening up for 3D products and characters

Opening Schedule
August 15, 2020
Two years

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