Digital Graphic Design


VTC Academy’s Digital Graphic Design major is designed based on a model of Competency-based Education to meet the very high demand of recruiting jobs related to designing digital products, not only Online brand identifiers but also websites, or video content used in communicating and advertising campaigns.

Graphic Designer has always been a trending industry in the market due to its extensive nature and ability to perform multitude of design-related works. However, because the demand for graphic design industry is higher and more extensive, now Graphic Design is no longer merely designing products such as Logos, banners, printing publications, but also designing communication products such as video clips, websites … (Digital Graphic Designer or Digital Media Designer). Therefore, VTC Academy has developed the most comprehensive specialization – Digital Graphic Design, to help students become talented graphic designers and meet the recruitment trend today.

Digital Graphic Design training course provides the knowledge and skills of artistic foundation and design methods, application techniques and technology use in graphic design.

Jobs related to Digital Graphic design:

  • Design, creative director
  • Graphic designer
  • Publication Designer
  • Logo designer
  • Website designer
  • Editing and video processing specialist

According to statistics and evaluation of MyWork Job Portal: “Your average salary working in the field of Digital Graphic Design is quite attractive (about 8-12 million) and continues to increase in the next period”. In particular, some students who do well can earn income up to $1000 USD/ month.

Grasping the trend of the industry and jobs, VTC Academy develops specialized training in Digital Graphic Design according to the model of Capacity Accessibility Training to meet the very high demand of recruiting jobs related to Designing graphic products and digital content for marketing and communication campaigns of enterprises.

Training program content

No Subjects
1 English for Computer Graphic Art
2 Personal and Career Development
3 Learning How to Learn
4 Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication
5 Computer Fundamentals
6 Art theory (Perspective, Color, Proportions & Anatomy of Human)
7 Drawing
8 Basic Concept Art with Photoshop
9 Sketchbook
10 Storyboard
11 Project 1 (Individual)
No Subjects
12 Working with Camera
13 Introduction to Digital Marketing for Designer
14 Typography
15 Brand Design
16 E-magazine
17 Infographic for Digital Marketing
18 UI/UX Design for Designer
19 Project 2 (Individual)
No Sujects
20 Responsive Web Design
21 Video Editing
22 Motion Graphic
23 3D in Digital Production
24 Project 3 (Individual)
No Subjects
25 Capstone Project (Team)

What do you get after graduation?

  • Fully equipped with knowledge to become a digital graphic designer
  • Can work immediately with salary from 5 to 10 million VND
  • There is a complete brand identity of the completed actual project in the Competency Profile
  • Get advice, support on graphic design, communication and start-up

After graduation you can create projects like these:

Brand and website design, online marketing kit, video creator kit

Opening Schedule
August 15, 2020
Two years

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