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Have you ever accessed your favorite website and pay attention to how that site was arranged? How will “buttons” “react” after you click on it? And other alike things.

All this is encapsulated in front-end development. Web design is the way that website looks, its layout, and frontend development is how to implement those layouts.

Front end developers use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code for the website, and web application designs are made by web designers. The code that front-end developers write runs inside the user’s browser (as opposed to the back-end developer where codes run in backend servers). To make it simple, Back end developers are like architects designing and creating systems that make a city work (electricity, water and sewers, etc.), while the front -end developer is the person who arranges, creates roads and ensures that everything in the system is properly connected to each other so that people can live.


According to statistics and evaluation of MyWork Job Portal: “Your average salary in the field of Front-End Web Development is at a high level of development recruitment, about 8 – 15 million“.
Especially for those who have experience in making high quality projects and meet many user requirements, they can earn income up to > 1000USD / month.

Grasping the trend of the industry and job, VTC Academy develops specialized training in Front-end Web Development according to the model of Competency-based Education to meet the very high demand for job recruitment related to programming and Web application development.

Objects and entry requirements

This professional training program is suitable for third-year and fourth-year students of Information technology major, those who are working need to update knowledge and skills on Front-end,
Back-end Development to build a career or become a Full-Stack Web Developer.

No. Entry requirements If you don’t
1 Have basic knowledge, skills of programming Join in the Basic Programming course with C
2 Have basic knowledge, skills of Web programming Join in the Basic Programming course with basic HTML, CSS, Javasript

Training Program Content

No. Subjects Time (Hour)
1 Career orientation of Front-End Web Development 24
2 Web Front-End development with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript 24
3 User Experience Design (UI / UX) for Web applications 9
5 Build Web applications with MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS (MERN) 45
6 Create projects on building commercial Front-End for Web applications 18
7 Protect the project with direct assessment from the recruitment business 2

What do you get after graduation?

  • Fully equipped with knowledge to become a Front-end Web Developer
  • Guaranteed job in Front-End development with salary from 6-12 million
  • Provided free hosting and VPS to deploy your own real project
  • There are at least 2 completed actual projects in the Competency Profile
  • Get advice, support on graphic design, communication and start-up

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