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Internet Of Things (IoT) – The Internet of Things seems to be standing in a turning point to go to the
next stage for a modern, civilized world. That is the scenario where everything can be connected to
each other via wireless Internet. Enterprises are tending to apply more and more IoT technology
products into production because of the potential creative market and lower production costs.

Witnessing the stormy development of IoT technology products and that potential Start up technology
market is getting more exciting than ever, this book provides content about IoT with the philosophy
which is Not only reality – not sporadic, towards young people who used to have, are having and want
to focus their energy on the Internet Of Things space. It is looking forward to creating unique,
creative products, gradually complete and synchronous to meet the needs of life.


IoT – Internet of Things is the center of the explosion of networked devices. But now, IoT projects are
lack of human resource with the necessary skills to perform. According to Gartner’s research, the lack
of staffs and lack of expertise are the top barriers for organizations seeking to deploy IoT.

“Global high-tech companies are working on building an IoT strategy, but it is difficult because there are
no processes and talents to deploy,” said Ryan Johnson, commercial director of Upwork Global Free
Labour service.. Based on Upwork’s database and recently recruitment needs published, Johnson
and colleagues identified the top 10 skills that companies need to successfully deploy an IoT strategy.

Grasping the trend of this industry and job, VTC Academy has developed specialized training on IoT
programming in accordance with the model of Competency-based Education to meet the very high
demand of recruiting jobs related to programming and developing IoT applications. This training
program is an exclusive collaborative production between VTC Academy and IoT Maker Vietnam
(IoT Maker is the exclusive provider of equipment for IoT development subjects).

Subjects about IoT will use the IoT Starter Kit – Wifi Uno (using Esp8266 module) with the following

  • Connect to local network or Internet via wifi connection (suitable for services that have connecting
    feature and controlled via wifi / internet).
  • Fully compatible with Arduino IDE and firmware for Arduino
  • Available components / modules related to IoT product development such as temperature/humidity
    sensor, light sensor, RFID module, servo motor, infrared motion sensor (PIR), ultrasonic sensors
    (distance measurement), …

Objects and entry requirements

This professional training program is suitable for third-year and fourth-year students of Information
technology major, those who are working need to update knowledge and skills on IoT applications
programming and development

STT Entry requirements If you don’t
1 Have basic knowledge, skills of programming Join in the Basic Programming
course with C

Training Program Content

STT Subjects Time (Hour)
1 Career-oriented of IoT development 3
2 Object-oriented programming with Java 15
3 Basic computer network programming 9
4 Web programming with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript 24
5 Build Web application with NodeJS (back-end for IoT application) 24
6 Overview of Circuits and Electronics 15
7 Basic IoT development 36
8 Advanced IoT development with IoT Maker UnoX 36
9 Create project on building IoT + wifi connection + using Back-End 18
10 Protect the project with direct assessment from the recruiting business 2

What do you get after graduation?

  • Fully equipped with the knowledge to become an IoT developer
  • Guaranteed IoT development jobs with the salary of 6-12 million
  • Provided free hosting and VPS to deploy your own real project
  • There are at least 2 actual completed projects in the Competency Profile
  • Get advice, support on graphic design, communication and start-up

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