Mobile Application Development


Today, smart phone has become a very popular and indispensable device in our lives. Therefore, the need to build applications and ecosystems on mobile platforms such as Android or iOS has become more urgent than ever. Corrected by the mobile application market is being a lucrative land, many IT businesses have been jumping into this segment. This has led to a shortage of high quality human resources in the field of mobile application development. According to VietnamWorkss, estimated by 2020, Vietnam needs about 20,000 developers for this segment.

Mobile Applications Developers, in addition to the skills of platform development, fluency in languages ​​& technologies on mobile platforms (Android, iOS), there must also be skills in designing Users experiences (UX), building Back-End for Mobile Applications.

According to VietnamWorks and TopDev, in the last 3 years, the number of jobs posted has DOUBLE! At that rate, we will need 400,000 manpower by the end of 2018, but so far, only about 250,000 engineers are working in the IT industry. Web Framework and Mobile Platform will be the most prominent trend in 2017 – 2018.

Mobile Application Development training course provides comprehensive development skills from UI / UX design, mobile application developing, back-end construction to application release on Android and iOS platforms.

Jobs related to Mobile Application Development:

  • Android platform Mobile Application Developers
  • iOS platform Mobile Application Developers
  • Back-End Developer for Mobile Application

According to statistics and evaluation of MyWork Job Portal: “Your average salary working in the field of Mobile Application Development is at the high level of the programming recruitment group, from about VND 7-12 million“. In particular, some students who have successful products that are self-released on the Store, have the earning up to 1000USD / month.

Grasping the trend of this industry and work, VTC Academy develops specialized training in Mobile Application Development in the model of Competency-based Education to meet the very high demand of recruiting jobs related to Mobile Application Programming and Development.

Training program content

No Subject
1 English for Information Technology
2 Personal and Career Development
3 Learning How to Learn
4 Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication
5 Computer Fundamentals
6 Introduction to Programming
7 Data Structures & Algorithms
8 Object-Oriented Programming
9 Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
10 Network Programming Fundamentals
11 Working with RDBMS
12 Web Programming with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
13 Project 1
No Subjects
14 Introduction to Software Engineering Practices
15 Java Programming Language
16 Kotlin Programming Language
17 Android Apps Development
18 Swift Programming Language
19 iOS Apps Development
20 Back-End for Android App (Firebase)
21 Project 2
No Subjects
22 UI/UX Design for Developer
23 Cross Platform Mobile Development
24 Web Development with Golang
25 Advanced Android Apps Development
26 Advanced iOS Apps Development
27 Mobile Apps Optimization and Security
No Subjects
28 Capstone Project

What do you get after graduation?

  • Fully equipped with the knowledge to become a mobile application developer
  • Can work immediately with jobs with salary from VND 7-10 million
  • Provided the methods as well as the process of application development according to user experience
  • There are at least 2 completed actual projects in the Competency Profile
  • Get advice, support on graphic design, communication and start-up

After graduation you can create projects like these:

UI/UX design, Android/iOS programming, back-end development for applications

Opening Schedule
August 15, 2020
Two years

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