Students are required to wear their student cards when entering VTC Academy campus. In case of card loss, students must apply for a re-issue card. Card re-issuance fee applies (for details, contact the Academic Affairs department).


  • The library is open to students from 8 am to 8 pm daily, from Monday to Saturday every week.
  • Students must put bags and personal belongings at the storage counter when entering the library.
  • The library can only be used for reading, studying, researching, accessing information online, self-studying …
  • Keep silent, do not make loud noise
  • Turn off your mobile phone or switch to vibrate when you enter the library. Please go outside when answering the phone.
  • Do not bring food and drinks into the library.
  • Rearrange books, newspapers, magazines, tables, chairs, and other items in the library … after use.
  • When students want to borrow books, newspapers, library magazines … they must contact the Librarian to apply for the procedure as prescribed.


  • Each user is given an account and password to log in using a PC, so always remember the account and password. The administrator manages the LAB room usage of users during each login session, so the user is responsible for his or her own personal account and password.
  • All PC Drives are frozen to prevent viruses. Therefore, users should not store their personal documents in any form. For those cases where it is really necessary to store, the user is stored at [D: \ Luu du lieu \ username] and only temporarily for 7 days. VTC Academy will not be responsible for any case of documents loss when stored in the LAB room.
  • Do not install any software or application on your PC without permission. Lecturers who wish to install additional applications for the subject should contact the relevant department.
  • After finishing using, users have to shut down the PC in accordance with the procedure. Absolutely do not unplug the power, cable … from the position.
  • All acts of damaging, losing property or relocating machinery equipment in LAB rooms are strictly prohibited.
  • All violations of LAB room regulations will be strictly punished. Students of VTC Academy must show their awareness and responsibility in using and preserving assets of VTC Academy.