VTC Academy | 2021 Admission
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2021 Admission

VTC Academy hereby announces the start of receiving applications for 2021-2023 admissions in the following specialities: Full-stack Web Development, Game Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Full-stack Digital Marketing.

MajorsSpecialitiesDurationAdmissions quota
Design3D Modeling2 years390 students
Design3D Animation2 years390 students
DesignDigital Graphic Design2 years390 students
Information TechnologyGame Development2 years390 students
Information TechnologyFull-stack Web Development2 years390 students
Information TechnologyMobile Application Development2 years390 students
Digital MarketingFull-stack Digital Marketing2 years390 students


Who can apply?
<b>Category 1</b>
Category 1
High school students who are interested in Information Technology & Design and desire to build a solid foundation for their career.
<b>Category 2</b>
Category 2
Students of Vocational School, College, and University; individuals who would like to build a career after completing their military service.
<b>Category 3</b>
Category 3
Programmers and designers who want to improve their knowledge and strengthen their expertise.


How to apply?

Category 1: High school students:

  1. Have a GPA of ≥ 5.0 in the 1st Semester of grade 12
  2. Graduated from high school

Category 2:

  • Students of Vocational School, College and University: Get direct admission
  • Individuals who have completed their military service: Subject to application evaluation

Category 3:

Working professionals: Get direct admission


Admission Process

1. Apply for entrance examination:

Candidates complete the online application form here then you can select one of the following options:

  • Take online exams
  • Take offline exams at the campus of VTC Academy Ho Chi Minh City and VTC Academy Hanoi
  • Participate in the exams held by VTC Academy in other provinces and cities

2. Apply for transcript evaluation or direct admission:

Candidates can choose one of the following options:

  • Online application: Candidates complete the online application form here. Contact details (phone, email, etc.) must be provided accurately in order to receive further instruction from VTC Academy.
  • Paper application: Candidates can visit VTC Academy campus and submit in person.
    • VTC Academy Hanoi: 4th Floor – VTC Online Building, 18 Tam Trinh Street, Minh Khai Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
    • VTC Academy Ho Chi Minh: 2nd Floor – The Emporium Tower, 184 Le Dai Hanh Street, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC

After the application is submitted (in either of the two forms above), VTC Academy Admission Counselor will contact the applicants to instruct and guide them through the admission process. Admitted candidates will receive admission notice and will be instructed to complete the admission procedure as soon as possible.

Required documents


Application form for long-term programs (VTC Academy form)

(Download here, This application form can be submitted after admission)


Admission letter

(Sent by VTC Academy to the email of the applicants)


Photo/scanned copy of High School Diploma or transcript with GPA 5.0 or higher in 1st semester of 12th grade if the applicant has not graduated from high school

(The notarized copy can be submitted after admission)


Photo/scanned copy of National Identity Card/Citizen Identification Card/Passport

(The notarized copy can be submitted after admission)


Photo of bank transfer confirmation or Tuition receipt


Prepare all required documents and send photos/scanned copies to Counseling Department via email:

Contact us
For further information, please leave your enquiry here.

    Academic programs
    AI Engineer

    AI Expert
    AI Engineer

    5 (6249)
    Learning method: On campus
    Duration: 9 Weeks
    Major: Artificial Intelligence
    3D Modeling
    3D Modeling
    4.9 (6576)
    Learning method: On campus
    Duration: 2 years
    Major: Design
    4.9 (5823)
    Learning method: On-campus/Online
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Major: Digital Marketing
  • Ho Chi Minh City: 0818 799 299
  • Hanoi: 0981 114 757