VTC Academy | Online talkshow: “Journey to connect and spread happiness to the community”
VTC Academy VTC Academy
Online talkshow: “Journey to connect and spread happiness to the community”
Time: 10:00-11:00 Sunday, 21/11/2021
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
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Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided and there are gradually more positive signals. However, the consequences left by the pandemic are enormous and difficult to overcome in a short period of time. But not because of that, community organizations and benefactors stopped joining hands to support and help the difficult and struggling to make a living during this time. Meaningful stories of kindnesses silently supporting the community have brought new hope to many families and orphans over the past two years.

In which, there is the help of the Social ChangeMakers (SCM) organization founded by Ms. Rosi Happi. The organization has implemented many meaningful activities, contributing to promoting the development of social security and ensuring the lives of many disadvantaged people. Social ChangeMakers has also succeeded in calling for support from many benefactors in the country. With dedication, enthusiasm and love, the organization has been reaching out and helping more difficult people in life.

With the desire to contribute to sharing and helping young people aged 15-24 who have to drop out of school due to the impact of the epidemic, VTC Academy will officially launch the project “I have a dream” from 20/02. 11/2021. For more information about the project “I have a dream”, please visit the website: https://toico1uocmo.com At the same time, in order to bring people real stories about community development activities and “unveil” the lives of current NPOs/NGOs, VTC Academy decided to organize an online talkshow with the theme “Journey to connect and spread happiness to the community” on Sunday, 11/21/2021 at 10:00-11:00. Through this online talkshow, VTC Academy hopes to reach out and help more difficult situations. From there, everyone can join hands to build a strong community, promoting social security.


Expected to reach nearly 200,000 people


10:00-10:15: Introducing the purpose of organizing an online talkshow: “Journey to connect and spread happiness to the community” and organize Social ChangeMakers (SCM)

10:15-10:30: Learn about meaningful stories about helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic

10:30-10:45: Talking with the speaker – Ms. Rosi Happi

10:45-11:00: Q&A

Speakers & Guests
Rosi Happi
Ms Rosi Happi
Creative Director of The Happievent, Founder of Social ChangeMakers (SCM)
Event Sumary

Closing the online talkshow: “Journey to connect and spread happiness to the community”, the audience learned more about difficult situations, struggling to make a living because of the epidemic. Throughout the talkshow, meaningful stories about people-to-people cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic touched many benefactors. From here, the journey of loving connection is expanded and gained positive signals. During the talkshow, VTC simultaneously implemented the project “I have a dream” with the desire to act as a bridge to help students; Freelance workers who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 have the opportunity to study and work with their own abilities. From here, you can confidently develop and create an economy based on your own efforts.

VTC Academy hopes that with the message “Let dreams no longer be unfinished”, the project “I have a dream” will receive the attention and support of units and individuals. From here, it is possible to spread meaningful messages, provide motivation for young people to conquer COVID-19 and create positive values ​​for society and millions of families. With the cooperation of the community, VTC Academy believes that this will be a milestone to help develop social security and reverse the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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