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3D Modeling
3D Modeling
4.9 (6576)

Learning method: On campus

Duration: 2 years

Major: Design

What is 3D modeling?

As information technology develops, demands for entertainment are rapidly changing. Moving away from traditionally produced movies, the motion picture industry has led to the rise of 3D animation and CGI-heavy blockbusters. Computer-generated animations are being preferred over their traditional, hand-drawn counterparts. Within the gaming industry, 3D animation entries dominate the market due to their superior graphics and visual effects.

In general, application of 3D products to the entertainment industry has brought to the audiences and players with outstanding experiences. That explains why 3D design is becoming one of the most favourite and creative fields in the world.

In 3D design, 3D modeling and 3D animation are the two key branches. Generally speaking, 3D modeling uses specialized tools and software for 3D designs to create 3D (three-dimensional) pictures of characters, objects, landscapes, environments, etc. and is applied in a wide range of areas such as games, films, animations, advertising, mechanics, architecture, construction, etc.

3D modeling is definitely a trendy profession attracting young people who love to design and would like to work in the creative fields. To meet the huge labor demand in this sector, VTC Academy offers an intensive 3D Modeling academic program which aims to provide students with professional knowledge and tools, so that they can fulfill the recruiters’ demanding employment requirements after their graduation.

Applicability of 3D Modeling
3D Modeling
3D Game
3D Modeling
3D Modeling
3D Modeling
3D Modeling
Program structure
SEM 1:

1. Semester Orientation Session

2. English for Computer Graphic Art

3. Personal and Career Development

4. Learning How to Learn

5. Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication

6. Computer Fundamentals

7. Art theory (Perspective, Color, Proportions & Anatomy of Human)

8. Drawing

9. Sketchbook

10. Basic Concept Art

11. Storyboard

12. Project 1 (Individual)

SEM 2:

13. Semester Orientation Session

14. 3D Modeling Fundamental

15. Character Rigging

16. 3D Animation Fundamental

17. Basic Lighting and Rendering

18. Working with Game Engine

19. Compositing Basic

20. Project 2 (Team)

SEM 3:

21. Semester Orientation Session

22. Character Creation

23. Texture Painting

24. Hard Surface

25. Environment Creation

SEM 4:

26. Capstone Project (Team)

Graduate outcomes
3D Modeling
Fully equipped with professional knowledge and necessary skills in order to become a 3D modeling specialist.
Own products in real 3D modeling projects and a 3D Modeling Show-reel to be presented in the student’s Competency Profile.
Acquired professional working process with through step-by-step implementation of actual projects with VTC Academy world-class partners.
Employment guarantee with a starting salary of up to VND 15 million.
3D Modeling
Career opportunities
3D modeling specialist for Games
3D Modeling
3D modeling specialist for Motion pictures
3D modeling artist
3D Modeling
3D Lighting/Lookdev designer
3D layout building/rigging specialist
Career development pathway
3D Modeling
Student project
This is one of the notable projects made by students of VTC Academy specializing in 3D modeling.
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