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Full-stack Digital Marketing

Full-stack Digital Marketing

5 (7656)

Learning method: On campus

Duration: 2 years

Major: Digital Marketing


What is Full-stack Digital Marketing?

While Technology and Social networks are growing rapidly, and the high-speed internet has globally covered, Digital Marketing becomes one of the indispensable activities of Marketing. Digital marketing not only increases brand awareness and influences customer behavior, but also stimulates customers to purchase by targeting a wide range of potential customers across digital platforms. Recently, Digital Marketing is in the Top 5 most attractive fields in terms of career opportunities, working environment as well as income.

The Full-stack Digital Marketing specialist academic program of VTC Academy provides comprehensive knowledge of tools, platforms, essential digital marketing activities, and important skills such as planning, strategy development, and customer analysis. The highlight of this program is to provide knowledge about the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advanced strategic activities such as data analysis, consumer behavior understanding and psychological evaluation, performance measurement of marketing campaigns as well as improve customer experience to optimize revenues and profits.

Why choose Full-stack Digital Marketing

Full-stack Digital Marketing
high demand
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Most attractive job
in the 4.0 era
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Outsdanding Income
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Freedom of creativity
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Constantly updated knowledge & skills
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Broad career path

Program structure



1. Semester Orientation Session

2. English

3. Personal and Career Development

4. Leaning How to Learn

5. Soft Skills

6. Computer Fundamentals

7. Marketing Overview & Principles

8. Market Research

9. Branding/Positioning

10. Customer Psychology & Behaviour

11. Content Marketing

12. Design for Marketing

13. Project 1 (Individual)




14. Semester Orientation Session

15. Introduction to Digital Marketing

16. Digital Content Creation

17. Design Tools for Digital Marketers

18. Landing Page & Website Building

19. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

20. Email Marketing

21. Performance & Social Media Marketing

22. Social & Google analytics

23. Mobile App Marketing

24. Video Marketing

25. Project 2 (Team)




26. Semester Orientation Session

27. Funnel Marketing

28. CRM

29. Marketing automation

30. E-commerce & Marketplace

31. Digital Marketing Report, Strategy & Planning

32. Marketing Intelligence – Data Analytics & Synthesis

33. Omni-Channel Marketing & Personalization

34. Gamification Marketing

35. AI in Digital Marketing

36. AI Application & Integration for Digital Marketing

37. Business Start-up




38. Capstone Project (Team)


Graduate outcomes

Full-stack Digital Marketing
Has comprehensive vision and ability to produce, measure, evaluate and optimize digital content for advertising and marketing campaigns.
Proficient in digital marketing activities and tools, and understand how to operate and optimize social platforms (Facebook, Zalo, TikTok,...), website and landing page.
Acquire skills in market research, planning, and building comprehensive marketing strategies towards overall and details.
Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to data analysis to evaluate customer behavior and improve the customer experience.
Develop business analyst skills to exactly approach the targeted customers and increase conversion rates to optimize revenues and profits.
Full-stack Digital Marketing

Career opportunities

Full-stack Digital Marketing specialist
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Market Research specialist
Strategy Consultant
Full-stack Digital Marketing
Business Analyst
Lecturer in Digital Marketing

Career development pathway

Full-stack Digital Marketing

Student project

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