Game Development


Game Developer term refers to developers of Game both 2D Game, 3D Game, Server for Game, Artificial Intelligence. Game Developer plays an important role in developing Game from combining graphics, sound handling physical interaction events to creating game logic, artificial intelligence or network programming for multi-player games…

According to Newzoo’s statistics, the Global Game Industry market will always increase by 6.6% per year, estimated by 2019, the total game industry revenue will reach US $119.6 billion. specially, games on mobile devices have the fastest growth rate with an estimated revenue of 52.5 billion US dollars in 2019.

In the past 5 years, Game Industry has grown at a rapid pace and will double in the next 3 years. However, Game products also require higher quality not only in terms of gameplay, technology, and Game graphics, but also choosing the optimal tools or Game Engine. This requires that young people who want to participate in Game making to invest more in serious study and research related to Game making knowledge.

Game Development course provides comprehensive skills about 2D games, 3D games, multi-player games, artificial intelligence in game developing process.

Jobs related to Game Development

  • 2D Game Developer
  • 3D Game Developer
  • Multi-user Game Server Developer
  • Game’s Artificial Intelligence Developer

According to statistics and evaluation of the MyWork Job Portal: “Your average salary in the field of Game Development is at the high level of the development recruiting group, about 10 – 20 million.

Grasping the trend of this industry and work, VTC Academy develops specialized training in Game Development in model of Competency-based education to meet the very high demand of jobs recruitment related to Programming and developing Game.

Training program content

No Subject
1 English for Information Technology
2 Personal and Career Development
3 Learning How to Learn
4 Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication
5 Computer Fundamentals
6 Introduction to Programming
7 Data Structures & Algorithms
8 Object-Oriented Programming
9 Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
10 Network Programming Fundamentals
11 Working with RDBMS
12 Web Programming with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
13 Project 1
No Subjects
14 Video Game Industry
15 C++ Programming Language
16 2D Game Concept
17 2D Game Engine (Cocos2d-x)
18 Project 2
No Subjects
19 Video Game Production
20 3D Game Engine (Unity 3D)
21 Game Networking Engine (SmartFox, Photon)
22 Game Artificial Intelligence
23 Game Publishing
No Subjects
24 Capstone Project

What do you get after graduation?

  • Fully equipped with knowledge to become a Game developer (both 2D and 3D)
  • Can work immediately with salary from 7-10 million
  • There are at least 2 completed actual Game projects in the Competency Profile
  • Get advice, support on graphic design, communication and start-up

After graduation you can create projects like these:

2D and 3D Game development from idea and design to game launch

Opening Schedule
August 15, 2020
Two years

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