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Game Development

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Game Development

4.9 (7545)

Course format: On campus

Duration: 2 years

Major: Information Technology


What is Game development?

Game development is a part of software development, in which game developers use programming languages to create complete games including 2D games and 3D games and to build up game servers. Game developers play a very important part in the development of a game; they combine graphics and sounds, handle events and physical interactions, create game logic, apply artificial intelligence, or program multiplayer games, etc.

Since technology devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. in every household which are being used by everyone, together with the spreading of internet all over the world, the demands for entertainment and game products are booming and they will surely increase rapidly in the future, when a large number of new games will be released.

However, the game players are posing more challenges and ask for much higher quality. That means game developers should adapt with the latest technology and tools in this field in order to create the best products.

The Game Development academic program offered by VTC Academy is introduced based on the growing trend of the game industry and the real demands of leading enterprises in the game production sector. Therefore, Game developers graduated from VTC Academy can adapt to the working environment quickly and meet the enterprises’ requirements.

Growth of global game market

Forecast for each market segments by 2022:

Compressed games / Games downloaded to computers
Games on computer browsers
Handheld games consoles
Games for tablets
Games for smartphones

Game Development

SEM 1:


1. Semester Orientation Session

2. English

3. Personal and Career Development

4. Learning How to Learn

5. Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication

6. Computer Fundamentals

7. Basic Programming Language

8. Data Structures & Algorithms

9. Object-Oriented Programming

10. Network Programming Fundamentals

11. Working with RDBMS

12. Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

13. Project 1


SEM 2:


14. Semester Orientation Session

15. Video Game Industry

16. C++ Programming Language

17. 2D Game Concept

18. 2D Game Engine (Cocos2d-x)

19. Build 2D Mobile Game

20. Game testing

21. Project 2


SEM 3:


22. Semester Orientation Session

23. Video Game Production

24. 3D Game Engine

25. Build Multi-platform 3D Game

26. AR/VR in Game Engine

27. Game Networking Engine

28. Game Artificial Intelligence

29. Game Publishing


SEM 4:


30. Capstone Project


Graduate outcomes

Game Development
Fully equipped with knowledge of game development process and roles of relevant units in order to become a game developer.
Know how to develop games on common platforms, multiplayer games and artificial intelligence for games.
Own game products in real projects that the students have done in their Competency profiles.
Acquired professional working process through step-by-step implementation of actual projects with VTC Academy world-class partners.
Employment guarantee with a starting salary of up to VND 15 million.
Game Development

Career opportunities

Unity 3D game developer
Game Development
Multiplayer game developer
Game Development
Artificial Intelligence developer for games

Career development pathway

Game Development

Student project

This is one of the notable projects made by students of VTC Academy specializing in Game development.
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