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Full-stack Development

VTC Academy | Full-stack Development

Full-stack Development

4.9 (6545)

Course format: On campus

Duration: 2 years

Major: Information Technology


What is Full-stack web development?

Web development is part of software development, in which web developers use programming languages to create complete internet-based websites about news, introduction of services and products, e-commerce, etc. Full-stack web developers are web developers who acquire knowledge in both Back-end and Front-end.

With robust growth in the information technology sector, Vietnam is considered as an IT powerhouse of the South East Asian region in the year 2020. Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, the Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications mentioned Vietnam needs to develop 50,000 more Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies in order to accelerate the digital transformation in Vietnam. There is a campaign named “Make in Vietnam” which urges us to bring the information technology products of Vietnam to the world.

Industry experts expressed that Vietnam will be an ideal destination to attract top of the world companies in technology to set up their subsidiaries to expand their business.

The Full-stack Web Development academic program offered by VTC Academy will be the source to supply high-quality workforce in Information Technology. It is possible thanks to our continuously updated education curriculum which is based on the enterprises’ real demands and the development trends of the IT industry.

Why should I learn Full-stack Web Development?

According to the TopDev report, lack of manpower is always a problem which is difficult to solve in the Information Technology market. Despite the fact that the salaries, bonuses, and welfare in this field are more attractive. Experts and figures both show this lack of manpower issue is serious, for example, we will need an addition of 100,000 to 190,000 labor force in 2020 and in 2021 respectively in this market. And Web Framework, Full-stack, and Mobile Platform are the most popular ones; especially, there is a big jump in JavaScript language.

Full-stack Development

SEM 1:


1. Semester Orientation Session

2. English

3. Personal and Career Development

4. Learning How to Learn

5. Soft Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication

6. Computer Fundamentals

7. Basic Programming Language

8. Data Structures & Algorithms

9. Object-Oriented Programming

10. Network Programming Fundamentals

11. Working with RDBMS

12. Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

13. Project 1


SEM 2:


14. Semester Orientation Session

15. Web Programming with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

16. UI/UX Design for Developer

17. Web UI Programming

18. Building Web Apps with PHP & MySQL

19. Deployment & Maintenance Web Apps

20. Software Testing

21. Project 2


SEM 3:


22. Semester Orientation Session

23. Introduction to Software Architecture

24. NoSQL Database

25. NodeJS Programming

26. Back-End Development Framework

27. Web Front-End Development Framework

28. Mobile Apps Development

29. Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development

30. Building Back-End with Golang

31. Intro to DevOps


SEM 4:


32. Capstone Project


Graduate outcomes

Full-stack Development
Fully equipped with the knowledge about the development of a complete web product and with necessary skill set to become a full-stack web developer.
Familiar with the industry and professional requirements of both the front-end and back-end programming and the latest technologies deployed by businesses.
Own web products in real projects with object-oriented and database-oriented analysis and design skills.
Get the professional process and capability to deploy complete projects relating to Full-stack web development and mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.
Employment guarantee with a starting salary of up to VND 15 million.
Full-stack Development

Career opportunities

Front-end web developer
Full-stack Development
Back-end web developer
Full-stack web developer
Full-stack Development
Web application developer & Mobile application developer
Artificial Intelligence web developer

Career development pathway

Full-stack Development

Student project

This is one of the notable projects made by students of VTC Academy specializing in Full-stack web development.
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