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Student ID card regulations

Each student is issued with an official identification card at no cost when he first enrolls. This card is required for entry into various Academy facilities, as well as for participation in Academy services and functions such as computer lab, library access, student elections, etc. Students are expected to carry their card at all times.

Students are responsible for keeping their ID card in good condition. If an ID card is lost, damaged, worn or stolen, a re-issuance fee will be applied in those case (contact the Academic Support Department for more details)

Library regulations

The library is opened from 08:00 to 20:00 every Monday to Saturday.

Bags and belongings shall not be taken into the library, but should be left at the baggage area.

The library is opened for the purpose of study and research only.

Always keep silent in study areas.

Mobile-phones must be switched off and may not be used in the library.

Smoking, drinking and eating are not permitted.

Take care of all library properties and facilities.

Contact the Librarian to carry out the borrowing procedures as required.

Computer Lab regulations

Each student is provided with an account and a corresponding password when using the lab computers. Students are entirely responsible for all activities and the security of their own accounts and passwords.

Any information saved on the lab computers is immediately erased with a reboot or the next user log-on. For urgent temporary storage, students are only allowed to save in the address [D:\Thu muc Luu du lieu\username] for 7 days. VTC Academy will not be responsible for any loss of user data.

Never install any software and hardware component to the computer system.

Do not move any equipment from its original position.

Any activities which cause asset damages/losses or any movement of the equipment and the machines in the computer labs is strictly prohibited.

All infringements will be subjected to strict penalties. Students should be aware of and responsible for their use and protection of VTC Academy assets.

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